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What’s new in automation? A lot!

The convergence of technologies into a unified automation platform continues! The product developers at B&R Industrial Automation have been busy, so we’ve completely updated our resource center.

Here you’ll find the latest advances in mapp (modular application) Technology, to help you program less and configure more. These include Control Design editorial reviews, new web-based HMI, robotics programming functionalities and easy-to-add ladder logic without touching the source code.

You’ll also discover the many advantages of networked machine safety vs. hardwired along with OPC UA connectivity with pub/sub. Take note of the ACOPOStrak: the adaptive machine, which features independently, controlled modules with multi directional movement, tight synchronization with other (often robotic) devices and exceptional flexibility. All resulting in batch-size one.

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Application Videos

ACOPOStrak: B&R's adaptive machine

At IMTS 2018, Rick Forsgren from B&R talks about B&R's adaptive machine, the ACOPOStrak. This highly flexible transport system extends the economy of mass production down to batches of one. Parts and products are transported quickly and flexibly from processing station to processing station on independently controlled shuttles.

Integrated machine vision - More than embedded

With the world's first machine vision solution to be seamlessly incorporated into the automation system, B&R offers a truly unprecedented level of integration. The cameras, intelligent image processing algorithms and innovative lighting portfolio are an integral part of the B&R control system.

The Latest Automation Innovations from B&R

Take a quick tour of the B&R booth to view the latest innovations for industrial automation, including the ACOPOStrak which enables new manufacturing business models, revolutionary software development technology and robotic control, and diagnostics. Learn about B&R’s integrated machine vision, high-performance industrial PCs and touchscreen HMIs.

Next Generation Industrial Transport Technology – Simulation

B&R's Next Generation Industrial Transport Technology provides extensive simulation capabilities. Simulating movements of shuttles on the SuperTrak conveyor in cooperation with any other actuator mechanic such as robots is easy and straight-forward. All simulations are based on production code in Automation Studio and no additional software tool is required.

mapp Concept: What is mapp Technology?

Mapp Technology is B&R's application framework. With it, you can create any type of machine or system. By handling all of the basic functionality, mapp saves you an immense amount of time.


Exploring the efficiency of the B&R ACOPOS P3 three-axis drive

Built for the future and scalable with improved electronics, the new B&R ACOPOS P3 three-axis servo drive is designed to be faster, more capable and the most efficient servo drive with integrated safety functions available on the market.

Follow the mapp for Programming with Function Blocks

The need for speedier software development can be satisfied with mapp (modular application)Technology from B&R Industrial Automation, which builds on the IEC 61131-3 programminglanguages to build powerful machine control solutions faster.

Function blocks come of age with a new generation of software

"B&R has created a platform called mapp, which provides the user a smorgasbord of function blocks specifically created for its PLC and PC-based controller lineup,” writes Control Design columnist Jeremy Pollard“ This method of functionality provides for development, troubleshooting and maintaining a process in a single environment. And that environment is a Web browser."


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Why batch-of-one manufacturing is more profitable

Equipment is built to last and last. How can we justify replacing millions of dollars' worth of legacy machinery with new equipment designed to produce one custom unit at a time? Where's the profit in that? Read this report to learn how to benefit from the flexibility, efficiency, and increased savings from batch-of-one manufacturing. Download now.

The adaptive machine: design strategies & attributes

Dedicated machine designs are giving way to base machine modules that are configured to production requirements, reconfigured as needed and support ‘batch of one’ operations. The result is a new category of machinery, the adaptive machine. Download now.

Gen4: the fourth generation of packaging machinery

A new fourth generation of packaging machinery, possessing the attributes of the adaptive machine, is now entering the marketplace. With Gen4 comes long anticipated flexibility to solve the challenges of mass customization, e-commerce fulfillment, SKU proliferation, inventory costs and shorter product lifecycles, track-and-trace, and manufacturing productivity.Download now.

A practical Way to Get Started in Manufacturing IIoT: Cultivate a “Green Patch” in Your Brownfield

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) takes advantage of the latest software and hardware capabilities to increase productivity. It stands to reason that greenfield manufacturing plants might be planned with native IIoT technologies. After all, today’s factory automation systems can incorporate web servers and clients, standards-based communications, and substantial processing power and memory. But the majority of manufacturers face a mandate to increase the operational efficiency of their existing brownfield assets.In a greenfield, there is no need to integrate with legacy systems.Download this white paper.

Packaging 4.0: Enabling operational excellence

Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things(IIoT) promise to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by making machinery easier to operate andmaintain. Mass customization requires highlymodular machines to enable automatic adaptationof production to real-time demand. Widespread adoption of PackML and OPC UA ensuresoperational consistency between all the machinesin a multivendor packaging line – for a substantialboost in overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Download the white paper.

Networked Safety: why it will pay you big to smart small

The vision of networked safety has largely centered on networking safety functions across integrated systems, cells and lines. The reality is that machine builders are typically not responsible for safety beyond their own machines. The latest development in safety technology is safety I/O slices that do not require use of a dedicated safety PLC. This makes the hardware cost comparable and the installation and testing costs actually lower than hardwired. As simple as it may sound, this is a major breakthrough.Download eBook.

The Convergence eBook: The future of industrial automation

A key change in developed markets is the demographics of the industrial automation user. What is happening to the generation that grew up in North America with purpose-built PLCs, ladder logic, vendor-driven device buses and limited human-machine interface graphics? They are starting to retire, and they are being supplanted by a polarized work force consisting of computer scientists applying automation technologies on the one hand, and a perennially under-educated labor pool operating the machinery on the other.Download eBook.

B&R integrates vision into machine automation

B&R makes machine vision an integral element of the automation ecosystem. At SPS IPC Drives 2017, B&R introduced the world's first image processing solution to be seamlessly incorporated in the automation system. The solution comprises cameras, software and lighting accessories. For more information click here.

Web-based HMI made easy

With mapp View, B&R now offers direct access to the wide world of web technology right from the engineering environment. Automation engineers have all the tools they need to create powerful and intuitive HMI solutions. There is no need to deal directly with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript technology. mapp View relies 100% on web standards to ensure content can be viewed optimally on any output device or even customized for specific users or user groups. For more information click here.


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