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Industrial plants have production equipment that is instrumented for measurement and control, and is connected into the factory management information system. Increasingly, Ethernet is the chosen data protocol. GarrettCom, Inc. is an industry leader in providing cost-effective, off-the-shelf Industrial networking products for challenging industrial environments. GarrettCom's Magnum products emphasize fiber capabilities for industrial automation, power utility, telecommunications, and outdoor markets such as traffic control and video surveillance.

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Magnum 6K32F Managed SwitchMagnum 6K32F Managed Switch

The 6K family of Ethernet Managed Switches are ideal for industrial Ethernet applications on the factory floor, power plant, telecom central office, or wiring closet. These rugged switches are designed to accommodate most applications from office and wiring closet to the factory floor, power plant or outdoors. The 6K family features fiber rich and modular Switches that can be configured with AC or DC power.

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White Papers

Strategies for Protection and Control Standardization and Integrated Data Management Applications

Breakthroughs in power system protection and control technology support significant industry facelifts. Streamlined selection and application of products and systems have become possible and tools for design and implementation have become easier to work with. Nonetheless, the planning, engineering, procurement and implementation of protection, control, data management and automation at a major power utility is a complex endeavor, from both the technical and the business process perspectives. Download this white paper to explore the experiences of a major power company in managing through a true paradigm shift, and further narrow the focus to the impact of these changes on substation networks, data management, technology risk management, and cyber security.

Substation Networking with Non-Routable Protocols: A Practical Alternative for NERC CIP Compliance

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) has adopted Cyber Security Standards as part of a larger power grid reliability and Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) program. The set of eight NERC CIP cyber security standards (CIP-002 to CIP-009) are expected to be endorsed by the Federal Electric Regulatory Commission (FERC), with enforcement including possible fines as empowered by the Energy Policy Act of 2005. Utilities must be in compliance with the standards in August 2009 with full compliance audits beginning a year later. Download this white paper to learn how GarrettCom can provide a practical alternative for the NERC CIP compliance.

Planning for the Successful Integration of Substation Communications

There are many benefits to building an integrated network for substation communications including cost effectiveness and the ease of adding new systems to an established network. To achieve these benefits, planners must understand and define a long term strategic architecture. It must take into account the varied needs of different networking applications. These include control systems such as SCADA, measurement systems including metering, protection signaling among power systems, and other emerging requirements such as security video surveillance. Without an overall network plan, an established network may inhibit rather than help the implementation of future systems. This article outlines many of the requirements of an integrated network and the tools available to planners to plan and implement a successful integrated substation network.

Power over Ethernet — The Industrial Opportunity Today

It took 10 years or longer for Enterprise-based Ethernet technologies to be adapted for use in industrial applications. Power over Ethernet (PoE) is taking considerably less time. This white paper is devoted to the implications of PoE for industrial applications, and predictions for the adaptation time table; as well as briefly addressing the technology behind it.

Dual-Homing: Bringing Redundancy to the Edge of the Network

In the past, the choices for redundancy for edge-of-the-network devices were too limited, too expensive, and too complicated to be considered in most industrial systems. Dual-homing technology in small industrial Ethernet switches is changing the picture. This white paper gives an overview of dual-homing technology; what it is, how it works, and its applications.

Multibus — The hard choices of integration include decisions of how to connect proprietary systems

Transferring from one industrial bus is often challenging. This white paper hopes to help you avoid some of the challenges by providing information on industrial networks, proprietary networks, and open standard networks; along with overviews of industrial Ethernet, network integration, and gateways.

Secure Industrial Control Utilizing High Speed Ethernet Networks and Web Management

Explore the state of network security options at the switch level. This white paper provides an elementary roadmap for industrial operations to plan for and deploy secure systems to take advantage of the advanced network technologies that can support great efficiency, reliability, and security in plant and remote operations.

Featured Case Study

Clark County NV Water Reclamation District SCADA Network Upgrades from Fieldbus to Ethernet/IP Network

The Clark County Water Reclamation District runs 7 days a week, 24 hours a day serving Clark County Nevada, including the greater metropolitan Las Vegas area. This case study shows how the CCWRD used GarrettCom's Magnum 6K Managed Ethernet Switches to upgrade its fieldbus system to an Ethernet/IP based network.

Case Studies

SEL and GarrettCom Chosen for Honduras NACO Power Plant Automation

Independent Power Producer NACO needed to create a new networked protection and control system for their generation plant that would allow more visibility and control into the plant operations. Read this case study to see how they were able to network all of the IEDs in the harsh plant environments by using GarrettCom Ethernet switches designed for substation environments.

Magnum Managed Switches Network China's Sha Steel No.1 Mill

Sha Steel wanted to manage and video monitor their production process in the #1 Pellet Control Room of their steel mill. In order to do this, they required switches that were able to recover from any faults quickly to insure network reliability and minimize downtime. Download this case study to learn how GarrettCom's Magnum Managed Switches were able to provide the solution for Sha Steel.

GarrettCom DX Routers Deliver Secure Data Communications for Eastern Iowa Light & Power

Eastern Iowa Light and Power's challenge has been bringing all of its substations online in order to better access information – particularly customer metering data. This case study shows how many of Eastern Iowa Light and Power's substations have been fully automated for secure metering data collection by using GarrettCom's Magnum DX800 Serial Device Router.

Magnum 6K Switches Network Substations High in Andes Mountains

ANDESwireless' challenge was to create a substation-hardened network that offered redundancy in the event of a fault. This application note details ANDESwireless' implementation of a network with 14 substations linked together with fiber and wireless media using GarrettCom Magnum 6K32TRC Managed Switches.

PacifiCorp Uses Magnum Ethernet Switches for Safety in Coal Mine

PacifiCorp evaluates underground air quality and whether it is safe for workers to enter the mine. They also needed live video data to monitor the equipment in the mine. This case study shows how PacifiCorp uses GarrettCom Ethernet technology to support operating decisions and to avoid compromising safety.

Control Network Upgrade Delivers Increased Performance and Availability at Irish Distillers’ Midleton Plant

The Irish Distillers Group shares their successes from using switches supplied by GarrettCom throughout the SCADA network, linking all the production areas on a fibre-optic ring at gigabit speeds using RS-Ring Technology.

AMR Corp Taps GarrettCom for Next-Generation Industrial Ethernet LAN in Aircraft Maintenance

AMR Corp, parent company of American Airlines, shares their success story of converting their maintenance center (15 buildings) from an in-house center to a profit center with the help of a combination of GarrettCom switches.

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