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Embedded Applications
Intel has a long and successful history of enabling development and deployment of embedded applications by driving the adoption of open standards and providing a comprehensive product line. Intel offers a broad range of embedded and communications solutions to meet your needs for performance, functionality, and cost.

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Technical Resources

Replace Real Time Hardware with Multi-Core Software

Today, the DsPS and FPGAS models face scrutiny as OEMs face intense pressure to cut their costs, improve quality, and differentiate products. OEMs can meet these goals by moving to a multi-core, software-based control architecture.


Utilizing SIMD Instructions on the INtime RTOS with the Intel IPP Library

This whitepaper introduces the use of SIMD instructions, via the Intel® IPP library, on the INtime RTOS for Windows. Combining the raw performance of the SIMD instruction set with the hard real-time determinism of the INtime RTOS, on a multi-core processor alongside the general-purpose programming environment of Windows, gives real-time embedded system developers the means to lower hardware costs by the elimination of DSP hardware or enhance applications by incorporating DSP functionality without significant software complexity.


The Factory of Tomorrow will be Smart

The automated meshing of production and business processes is becoming a competitive factor for companies in economically uncertain times. Together with the Institute for Automation & Industrial IT at Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Intel and Computacenter are developing pioneering solutions for the creation of an appropriate, smart IT infrastructure. This white paper discusses interfaces in automated production, security, standarisation and the future outlook for smart IT infrastructures.


Multi-Core Processors Push Performance Envelope

A new breed of microprocessors is delivering unprecedented performance at lower power and clock speed, with greater power efficiency levels. 'Multicore processor,' as the term suggests, provides more than one execution core for the processor—without increasing semiconductor package size, power consumption, or cost. Because a specific processor core can be dedicated to a given system task, ability to perform true ultitasking becomes a reality. This makes the new technology desirable for high-demand and real-time computing. Download this paper to learn how various industrial applications can take advantage of Intel's multicore benefits.


Virtualization Brings Real Benefits

Intel Virtualization Technology, or Intel VT, enables the integration of two or more autonomous applications. Exploiting the company's multi-core microprocessors, Intel VT offers industrial automation users the performance of multiple separate processors in a single chip. This multitasking brings some significant benefits. Download this white paper to learn more about Intel's virtualization technology benefits.


"It's the Perfect Fit."

A universal embedded platform suitable for many kinds of industrial applications - one system that seamlessly integrates both a real-time OS and an HMI - would be ideal, wouldn't it? Intel's congatec* conga*-ARkit, a PLC reference platform, now integrates two previously separated systems making them fully functional without restrictions and without changes to the software. Download this white paper to learn more about Intel's embedded computing module that supports both real-time control and HMI.


Moving Toward Embedded Advantages

In the face of increasing demand for more advanced and innovative technologies in the motion control field, Googol Technology has developed a Predictive Enterprise strategy that allows it to deliver more sophisticated products to meet the rapidly complex needs of its customers. With the deployment of embedded Intel architecture in its various product lines, Googol Technology now serves its customers even better. Download this white paper to learn how Googol Technology Ltd. deploys embedded Intel architecture in its products to achieve more advanced motion control capabilities.


Intel Industrial Control Reference Design

Industrial OEMs, system integrators and users developing control systems must quickly respond to changing performance, safety and feature requirements, but system architectures based on inflexible "everything-in-one" ASICs are slowing the pace of redesigns. To meet the need to simplify system development and get to market faster, the Intel industrial control reference design facilitates the migration to a flexible modular architecture. It's based on an easy-to-use platform, comprising hardware and software components from industrial market leaders.

Download this guide to learn more.

Industrial Control Solutions Guide

No industry or technology in history has had more success at increasing efficiency at all levels over all resources than the computer industry. That success has now given the world the opportunity to use that technology to improve efficiency over all areas of life: personal, industrial and public. To meet the demands for energy efficiency for cost savings and to reduce emissions that contribute to global warming, Intel stands ready with the technologies, the product roadmaps and the vision for a greener future.

Download this guide to learn more.

About Intel Embedded Industrial Computing Platforms

With manufacturing complexity accelerating, industrial equipment manufacturers need to design control systems capable of doing more without sacrificing performance or increasing cost. But in the past, it was often costly to implement new functionality, like machine vision, because it meant adding subsystems. Today, systems based on Intel® processors with quad-core technology and virtualization can take on new functions without additional hardware because they execute multiple workloads simultaneously, while maintaining a high level of determinism and reliability.

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