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Smart and Safe Machines

Schneider Electric is a leading designer and manufacturer of automation and control solutions and has an extensive range of products, from programmable relays to high performance motion controllers and interface modules. The content in this knowledge center will help you learn to install state of the art control components on your machines for competitive advantage, greater adaptability and safety

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The value of IIoT in Future Manufacturing and Machine Design

Two trends that are creating a lot of buzz today are about to unleash a profound change throughout global industry: Industry 4.0, the German based approach for smart manufacturing, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) with a focus on connected devices and analytics. These trends and the underlying technologies that support them are impacting a broad range of industrial sectors – everything from building automation, transportation, medical, military, security and retail. In this whitepaper, however, the focus is on how industrial automation and machinery will be impacted. Download the white paper.

The Industrial Internet of Things: An Evolution to a Smart Manufacturing Enterprise

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is not about ripping out current automation systems in order to replace them with new ones. The potential lies in the ability to link automation systems with enterprise planning, scheduling and product lifecycle systems. This paper analyses how the linkage can be implemented across the complete enterprise value chain in order to enable greater business control. Experts also offer perspectives regarding key aspects of IIoT deployment. Download the white paper.

Improve Safety Applications by using Wireless Technology

Wireless technology is increasingly used in machine safety applications. New solutions introduce mobility and offer higher levels of flexibility and safety for plant floor operators. This ebook explores how modern wireless implementations can increase user safety and mobility, reduce installation costs, and boost productivity. Download the ebook.

Better Machine Safety Means Better Productivity

Traditionally, the functions of automated industry and control have been kept separate. But advanced safety technology embedded within automation components is not just a means to ensure operator safety, it's also a way to improve performance. This eBook explores how embedded safety drives and Ethernet-networked drives lower hardware costs, increase operator safety and reduce the amount of "full shutdown" downtime, which adds up to more productivity. Download the eBook.

Case Study Resource Center

Schneider Electric Case Study: Diebotics

Learn how an innovative servo-based die transfer system helps manufacturers save costs and improve productivity for the high-demand automotive market. Download the case study.

Schneider Electric Case Study: Woodmizer Products, Inc.

Wood-Mizer in Indianapolis, IN, one of the world’s leading industrial sawmill manufacturers, has developed the next generation of industrial sawmills by combining a thin-kerf blade and advanced automation technology for maximum log yield and profitability. Learn more in this case study.

Schneider Electric Case Study: Mavrix Welding Automation

Learn how Schneider Electric helped Mavrix Welding Automation build a machine with high-end capabilities and modular design that allows for flexible machine configuration without changing the mechanical components of the machine. Download the case study.

Schneider Electric Case Study: Highlight Industries, Inc.

Learn how this Packaging OEM expanded machine features while reducing costs and time to build. Download the case study.

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Video Resource Center

Optimized solutions for packaging applications

See how to increase efficiency and performance of your machines with Schneider Electric’s solutions for packaging applications. Discover how to Simplify your engineering process using controllers with all the necessary features embedded, intuitive tools, plus validated ready-to-use-architectures and dedicated software functions.

Optimized solutions for material handling applications

See how to optimize your material handling processes with Schneider Electric’s full range of components including embedded safety. Learn how to reduce energy consumption with numerous features and how to speed-up operations with ready-to-use templates, one single programming software SoMachine and an open connection to databases and management systems.

Pumping machines made simple

This video will help you learn to build smarter pumping machines faster with an automated solution based on MachineStruxure™ from Schneider Electric

Optimized solutions for material working applications

See how to optimize your material working solutions and discover Schneider Electric's complete automation solutions, which help you to quickly design cost effective and energy efficient material working machines, while maximizing their performance throughout the life cycle of the machine.

Schneider Electric develops connected technologies and solutions to manage energy and process in ways that are safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable