How to Code Maple's Embedded Components

By Maplesoft

Embedded Components (EC) are those buttons and boxes that can be assembled to create math apps. They are inserted into a document by clicking in the "Components" palette. They can be coded interactively within the component, or programmatically, from without the component.

Many examples of math apps exist in Maple. The math apps accessed from the "Tools" menu provide many examples of these ECs. Many of the newer "Task Templates" also illustrate the use of EC. The code for any of these built-in applications is readily available for the user - it lurks just a right-click away, behind the components themselves.

In this seminar, Dr. Lopez details how to program Maple's ECs. All the lore and wisdom he has accumulated by trial-and-error, practice, and badgering of the Maplesoft programmers will be revealed during the presentation.

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