Robotic Arm to Catch Space Debris and More?

By The Engineer

Robots can do anything these days….Including catch random flying objects in a fraction of a second.

A recently developed 1.5m-long robotic arm was created in Switzerland to be attached to a satellite.

As part of the Clean- mE project at the Swiss Space Center, the robotic arm was developed to recover and dispose of space debris that orbits the Earth.

Floating debris is potentially hazardous to other satellites and space infrastructure.

The arm was designed to catch all types of irregular shaped objects in less than five hundredths of a second.

But that's not all.

Other applications for the arm extend far beyond catching debris in space.  If implemented, the technology can possible help people avert danger by catching falling objects or even people, as well as assist vehicles avert oncoming traffic.

One of the unique qualities about the arm is that information is transferred directly to the robot from a human.  This is called "programming by demonstration."

A robot can observe the task on its own without the demonstrator specifying the specific task or object's motion.

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