The Tool that Walks-You-Through Your Motion Implementation

By Elmo Motion Control

Elmo's new generation EASII gets machines to peak performance in a shorter time, making drive setup simpler and putting powerful, intuitive software tools at your fingertips.

EASII includes a new quick-tuning wizard that streamlines machine prep and activates drive motion in a matter of minutes – even newcomers can use EASII advanced features to achieve fine-tuned motion precision, faster. Experienced users benefit from the widest range of precision control and diagnostics tools available today.

Our Microsoft Windows-based platform simplifies complex motion environments by integrating all of the activities under one environment:

  • Drive level configuration, setup and tuning
  • Servo performance analysis and optimization
  • Field bus network configuration, analysis and management
  • Multi-axis motion control organization and sequencing
  • Testing, monitoring, recording and troubleshooting
  • Advanced scripting
  • Integrated development environment