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  • Southco Combined paddle actuator and rotary latch

    The R4-82 rotary latch with paddle actuator combines a compact rotary latch with a heavy-duty, square paddle actuator, enabling direct actuation without the need for a connected cable

  • Southco Heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant actuator

    Constructed of high-strength, corrosion-resistant materials, the AC-11 actuator features an ergonomic pull handle that is suitable for actuating a latch remotely in heavy-duty equipment applications

  • Southco Stainless steel two-stage rotary latch

    Constructed of high-strength, corrosion-resistant stainless steel, the R4-30 rotary latch features a two-stage design that prevents false latching conditions in heavy-duty enclosure applications

  • Southco Bluetooth controller

    The EA-BT Bluetooth controller provides wireless control and monitoring of intelligent locks without having to physically connect to a network or install, manage and maintain software

  • Southco Padlockable compression latch

    This padlockable E3 Vise Action compression latch combines ergonomic operation with enhanced security to provide vibration-resistant latching in rugged environments

  • Southco Captive quarter-turn fastener

    The DZUS D9 Tech Line quarter-turn fastener features a captive spring-loaded design and tool-free operation that provides accurate, secure engagement and vibration resistance

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