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  • ASI Terminal block with built-in surge protection

    The ASIDM24-S2A DIN rail-mounted terminal block with built-in surge protection for analog signal lines is designed for use in process control applications using 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA and 0-10 V signals

  • ASI Limit switches

    These limit switches are designed for quick installation, wiring ease, simple setup, modularity, sturdiness and reliability

  • ASI Modular connectors

    The RJ45 modular jack-style connector module interfaces various types of network equipment that use the Ethernet/RJ45 connectors and individual wiring

  • ASI’s 4 Pole Pluggable Surge Protection Devices

    ASI-SP Series, Type 4 Class C (II) surge protection devices (SPDs) use an innovative patented MOV technology to withstand short circuits, protecting costly equipment from the potentially catastrophic impact of arcs, overvoltages and lightning.

  • ASI Waterproof RJ45 and USB Panel Mount Connectors

    A line of waterproof RJ45 and USB panel mount connectors has been expanded to include the panel mount RJ45 receptacle, which provides Ethernet connectivity for industrial environments, has gold plated contacts and is shielded.

  • ASI RAI-RJ45S Through-Panel Connector

    RAI-RJ45S through-panel connector has a modular, DIN-rail mounting base. Its hinged cover features a lever-actuated latch for a tight lock, and a form-fitting gasket protects against dust and liquids.

  • ASI's Remote-Access Interface Connector

    Modular, Through-Panel, Remote-Access Interface connector provides the means to pass a RJ45 connector-equipped cable to the inside of a panel or piece of equipment without shutting down or opening the door of the equipment.

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