Beckhoff's BK9055, Compact Series EtherNet/IP Bus Coupler

The BK9055 couples EtherNet/IP with the modular Bus Terminal system from Beckhoff, which offers over 400 different signal types. The Compact Bus Coupler series is characterized by slim housings and cost-optimized design. The BK9055 Compact Bus Coupler facilitates the inexpensive connection of the Beckhoff I/O system to EtherNet/IP networks. When used alone, it is suitable for star wiring topologies. However, the BK9055 is software-compatible to the award-winning BK9105 EtherNet/IP Bus Coupler from Beckhoff, which unlike the "Compact" version has a second RJ 45 port (2-channel switch). Therefore, the I/O stations can also be configured with a line topology, instead of the classic star topology.  
Product Type:
Beckhoff Automation