ACS Motion Control's Digital I/O Modules For EtherCAT Networks

ACS Motion Control's digital input/output modules feature an EtherCAT interface. The SPiiPlus IOMnt EtherCAT digital I/O modules offer an economical and compact design featuring up to 32 inputs and 32 outputs, with minimal power dissipation. The SPiiPlus IOMnt inputs are designed to meet EN 61131-2, type 3 (24V source type) and are functionally and pin compatible with Beckhoff EL1862/1872. The outputs are 24V/0.5A each, source type, fully protected and are also functionally and pin compatible with Beckhoff EL2872. One IOMnt-32-32 can replace two units of EL1872, two units of EL2872 and the EK1100 Ethercat bus coupler in a more compact package at a lower cost. Optional breakout screw terminal kits are available for easy prototyping.

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Product Type:
Intrinsic Safety Components
ACS Motion Control