SIE Computing Solutions' Application-Ready Video Processing Solution

SIE Computing Solutions' new application-ready video processing solution is designed for rugged situational awareness in unmanned vehicle and remote surveillance applications. Based on Beyond Electronics' real-time secure video/audio capture and process technology, SIE’s network-ready solution provides advanced video processing capabilities including low-latency and real-time video streaming over a network. The advanced situational awareness overlay capabilities allow a remote driver to see a detailed depiction of the surrounding terrain. These elements include the identification of potential obstacles, altitude information, navigation information, and relevant area-based details such as the identification of urban areas, etc. Using standard building blocks, the new software-agnostic video processing solution from SIE features full integration of board sets, backplanes, power/cooling and I/O. The capabilities of the hardware system also include the ability to rapidly encrypt and decrypt data, efficient storage and retrieval of actionable data, and multiple video inputs of up to four per card.

Machine Vision
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