Yaskawa Add-On Instructions

SigmaLogic, a new Sigma-5 servo option that can be connected to Rockwell PLCs with add-on instructions (AOIs), allows users to control Sigma-5 Servopacks within a Rockwell RSLogix5000 program. The AOIs are compatible with all CompactLogix and ControlLogix PLCs using RSLogix5000 software v17 and above. It can be used in conjunction with LogicWorks. It also contains all of the key features of Sigma-5, such as a tuningless mode that adjusts automatically for up to 20:1 in load-to-rotor inertia mismatch, allowing smaller motor and reduced gearing; vibration suppression that reduces noise during operation; and 20-bit absolute encoders.

Yaskawa SigmaLogic 250
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Yaskawa Electric