AutomationDirect Safety relays with enhanced LED diagnostics

These IDEM 24-Vac/Vdc Viper safety relays are designed with enhanced LED diagnostics and simplified wiring. The DIN rail-mount units have screw and pluggable connection options. SCR21, SCR32 and SCR73 series single-/dual-channel safety relays provide up to seven safety output contacts and three auxiliary output contacts for e-stop relay or safety gate relay applications. SCR3142TD series safety relays have a configurable delay function and eight status LEDs for easy diagnostics. Applications include guard door monitoring, e-stop devices and sensors. The SEU31 series safety relay expansion modules can be wired directly to the SCR21, SCR31, SCR73 and SCR3142TD series safety relays to provide additional safety contacts.

AD Viper Safety Relays 250
Machine Safety
Product Type:
Safety Relay