AutomationDirect Sensorless vector drives with built-in I/O

The Durapulse GS4 series of ac sensorless vector drives includes dynamic braking, PID and removable keypad. The drives are available up to 300 hp in 460-V models and up to 100 hp in 230-V models. All 230-V models can operate in three-phase or single-phase configurations. The drives have a 100-kA short-circuit current rating (SCCR), a 50 °C operating temperature rating and built-in safe torque off (STO). Built-in I/O includes eight dc digital inputs; two dc digital outputs (up to 48 V); and five analog channels (three inputs and two outputs) configurable for voltage, current or potentiometer (input).

AD DURApulse GS4 Drives 250
Motor/Drive-Industrial Electric
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