Advantech Dual-port EtherCAT motion control PCI master card

The PCI-1203 is a PC-based, two-port EtherCAT PCI card with extra-quick cycle times. For the EtherCAT motion port, the cycle time is 500 µs for up to 32 servo axes. For the EtherCAT fast I/O port cycle, it is 200 µs. Users can take advantage of the “Common Motion API” architecture, which is a unified user programming interface and graphical utility focused on motion control. For real-time performance, the product provides the Advantech Real-time Enhanced Script (ARES) tool, which allows users to load control logic into the ARM space; this reduces PC CPU load and bypasses all delay effects.

Advantech PCI 1203 250
Industrial Networks
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Advantech, Industrial Automation Group