AutomationDirect Incremental and absolute encoders

The Koyo TRD-S series of 6-mm solid-shaft and TRD-SH series of 8-mm hollow-shaft incremental encoders have 5- to 12-Vdc open collector output versions in addition to the 12- to 24-Vdc open collector or 5-Vdc line driver output versions. These light-duty industrial grade incremental encoders have an IP40 environmental rating with resolutions available from 100 pulses per revolution (ppr) to 2,500 ppr and up to a 200-kHz maximum response frequency. TRD-NA series medium-duty absolute encoders are available in resolutions up to 2048 ppr. They feature a 50-mm-diameter body with 35-mm depth and have a splash-proof IP65 protection rating.

AD Koyo encoders 250
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