H2W Technologies Voice coil positioning stage with 1-micron resolution

The VCS13-108-LB-01-MCF voice coil positioning stage is equipped with voice coil motor NCC13-30-108-1SH to generate a continuous/peak force of 10.8 lb (48 N)/32.4 lb (144 N) with a total stroke length of 1.3 in (31.8 mm). The 1-micron-resolution encoder allows for precise positioning. The load cell with signal conditioner (100-N capacity and 1-N resolution) allows for 1 to 100 N of push/pull force feedback. It comes supplied with a rigid recirculating ball linear bearing. The motor coil is the moving part of the assembly to reduce the system’s moving mass. The motor’s power is supplied via a high-flex, high-reliability flat ribbon cable.

H2W VCS13 108 LB 01 MCF 250
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