Dataforth Modular data acquisition and control

The MAQ20 family consists of two communications modules and 25 I/O modules. Features include ±0.035% accuracy; 1,500 Vrms channel-to-bus isolation; up to 240 Vrms continuous field I/O protection; ANSI/IEEE C37.90.1 transient protection; two dedicated graphical control software packages; integral PID control, alarms counters, timers and PWMs; 7-34 Vdc input power; and -40 to 85 °C industrial operating temperature. The 19 analog and discrete input modules include analog modules for process voltage and process current, thermocouples, RTD and potentiometer, strain gage, frequency and isolated process voltage and isolated process current; discrete modules include high-density input modules with or without compliance voltage and discrete I/O modules.

Dataforth MAQ20 module 251
Data Acquisition
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