Banner Engineering non-contact RFID safety switches

Banner Engineering's SI-RF Series RFID safety switches are designed for the monitoring of doors, gates, and other moveable machine safeguards. The safety switches use RFID technology to monitor mechanical guards separating personnel from a hazard. They can be deployed alone to safeguard a single machine access point or in a cascade series to safeguard multiple access points. Cascade models can be connected in a series of up to 32 switches using a standard 4-wire cable, T-adaptors, an end plug, and just two terminals on a safety controller.

Used alone or in a series, SI-RF Series safety switches achieve Category 4, PL e, or SIL CL 3 safety ratings. Each switch consists of an RFID safety sensor that detects the presence, absence, or movement of an RFID coded actuator installed on a guard. Outputs on each sensor in a cascade series are continuously monitored to detect any faults.

The In-Series Diagnostics (ISD) communication protocol provides performance and status information from each sensor in a cascade series to the PLC and/or HMI. Notification is sent for the opening or closing of a door, mismatched or misaligned sensors and actuators, and a range of additional system health attributes.

SI-RF Series RFID safety switches are available in low, high, and unique code models. They have a rugged, IP69 construction, a non-contact design with no moving parts and a high tolerance to misalignment.

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