OES High-resolution, high-repeatability alignment stages

The XYR (Theta) alignment stages offer high precision and repeatability. The XYR-01-01 and XYR-01-02 stages feature ±7.5 mm of  travel in the X and Y axes and ±180° of rotation (theta). The stages feature linear resolutions of the X and Y axis of 0.25µ (microsteps per step motor driver in use); the repeatability of each is 1.5µ, positional accuracy is 5µ, and backlash is 2µ. The 1-mm per-turn ground lead screws and preloaded V-groove and crossed roller bearings add to the alignment stages’ precision and stiffness. Each theta stage’s resolution is 0.001° (microsteps per step motor driver in use).

OES XYR Stages 250
Motion Components
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Optimal Engineering Systems