Optimal Engineering Systems Compact motorized rotary stage

The AY110-100-SC high-precision, low-profile, compact motorized rotary stage is 1.772 in (45 mm) high with a footprint of 4.764 by 6.693 in (121 by 170 mm). The stage has a pattern of threaded mounting holes in the rotary table and holes in the base for easy integration into new and existing applications. The table diameter is 3.937 in (100 mm), the range of travel is a full 360o, and it is capable of continuous rotation. The table is driven by a 180:1 worm gear at up to 14o per second and has a resolution of 0.0001o with a 10 micro-step per step stepper motor driver.

OES AY Rotary Stage 250
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Optimal Engineering Systems