TDK-Lambda Full-rack programmable power supplies

The 1U full-rack Genesys 1.7-kW ac/dc programmable power supply series is available in 10 models, ranging from 10 V-170 A to 600 V-2.8 A. The units have advanced performance and functionality well-suited for design, test and measurement in the laboratory and R&D environment. The 19-in-wide rack-mountable chassis offers five embedded front-panel setup menus that address digital communication, protective functions, operating configuration, system configuration and system triggering. These menus have user-selectable functions and can generate, store, recall and activate as many as four onboard arbitrary waveform profiles. All models can operate a in constant-current (CC), constant-voltage (CV) and constant-power (CP) limit.

TDK GENESYSplus 1.7kW 250
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