Advanced Knowledge and Understanding of Industrial Data Storage

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With the popularity of computers and networks, most enterprises and organizations require storage of documents, files and other types of information. Since IBM introduced the first hard disk drive (HDD) in 1956, technology has made great progress and plays an essential role in today's information technology world. For enterprise applications, HDDs are used with multiple-user computers running a variety of tasks such as transaction processing databases, computing software and storage management software.

Due to fast-growing, data-intensive network services, the number and size of files grows a lot and the information exchange becomes more time-critical. As a result, existing data storage systems face many challenges and HDDs must operate continuously in demanding environments as well as delivering the highest possible performance without sacrificing reliability. Accordingly, choosing the appropriate storage system is an important key in establishing an effective and flexible fundamental storage architecture setup.

In this white paper, Advantech provides an overview of storage systems to help you understand the related concepts and knowledge so as to determine which solution will work best for your business.