Belden Defending Against the Dragonfly Cybersecurity Attacks

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ABDragonflyMalewareWP CTALearn about the components of the Dragonfly malware campaign and how it signals a new era of Offense in Depth.

This whitepaper, "Defending Against the Dragonfly Cyber Security Attacks" Part B – Analyzing the Malware, details

  • The arsenal of attack vectors used to infect organizations
  • The three malware components involved: Havex, Sysmain and Karagany
  • How Trojanized software from trusted supply chain vendors can be a pathway to control systems
  • How the malware has been updated over time through the use of a command and control infrastructure
  • New insights about ICS security gained from understanding Dragonfly

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Additional parts of this white paper will be published soon.

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