IoT and Big Data Combine Forces

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The Internet of Things (IoT) and big data are two hot topics with respect to commercial, industrial, and other applications. The term "IoT" was coined in 1999 and refers to the world of devices connected to the Internet, which is the method by which much of big data is collected, concentrated and curated. Big data additionally refers to the analysis of this information to produce useful results.

A primary driving force behind the IoT and big data has been the collection and analysis of data concerning consumer behaviors in order to find out what people buy and why. An example of this is the loyalty cards that shoppers use at grocery stores and other retail outlets. Using these cards, retailers and their suppliers can ascertain what customers buy which products, and can then use this information to increase sales and profits.

Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies, such as the PC and various Microsoft operating systems, have long migrated to industrial automation applications in the manufacturing sector. This is also the case with the IoT and big data, as the COTS technologies that underpin the implementation of these concepts are migrating from the commercial sector to industrial automation.

This white paper shows why manufacturers should integrate the IoT and big data into their industrial automation systems, and reveals how this can be done using products and systems available today. The white paper concludes with a look at the future of the IoT and big data, illustrating how these concepts will help create the factory of the future.