Strategic plan for the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation

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This document is the strategic plan for the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation (NNMI) Program, as required by the bipartisan Revitalize American Manufacturing and Innovation (RAMI) Act of 2014.1 The strategic plan describes the vision and goals that support the program’s purposes as first articulated by President Barack Obama and then enacted into law. Informed by feedback and recommendations from a broad array of stakeholders, this strategic plan represents the consensus of the participating agencies and industry leaders regarding the goals that should be pursued for at least the next three years to achieve the NNMI Program’s purposes. The plan identifies the methods by which these goals will be achieved and the metrics by which the program will be assessed.

In the NNMI institutes, everyone with an interest in manufacturing — from large companies to their smallest suppliers; from major research institutions to community colleges — work together to make breakthrough technological advances and commercialize those advances to benefit an entire region’s manufacturing base.

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For more, the 2015 NNMI Program Annual Report, released in 2016, can also be found here. It describes the following: 1) the activities of the institutes participating in the NNMI Program; and 2) the activities of the network during the previous year in achieving the goals described in the strategic plan.



Author: Executive Office of the President National Science and Technology Council Advanced Manufacturing National Program Office  | File Type: PDF

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