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  • RFID for the real world

    This White Paper outlines the challenges and opportunities in the RFID market, provides comprehensive analysis of the technology, and looks at how a common sense, measured, and intelligently evaluated approach to implementing RFID can deliver real benefits.

    FKI Logistex
  • Improve factory floor productivity and profitability

    This White Paper maintains that by understanding the nature and causes for wasted time due to OEE (overall equipment effectiveness), decisive corrective action plans to increase productive time may be devised.

    Parsec Automation
  • Motion Control Handbook

    This downloadable handbook discusses the major categories of motion control systems, how to select the appropriate category of motion control and a full glossary of motion control terms.

  • Success with variable frequency drives (VFDs)

    VFDs can reduce costs while increasing success with production goals. This White Paper takes a look at how to avoid the problems and gain the benefits, beginning with a bit of theory.

  • Removable storage media add flexibility to modern day PLCs

    The question “Why can’t my PLC interface easily to off-the-shelf devices?” is being answered by a new wave of PLCs with standard interfaces to common peripheral devices. This White Paper notes that without sacrificing the deterministic operation, reliability, and ease of use of the traditional PLC, removable storage media now are adding new flexibility to modern day PLCs.

  • Machine vision reborn

    Vision sensors have begun to emerge as the low cost general-purpose form of today’s machine vision technology. This White Paper describes what vision sensors offer, how they can be used for the manufacturing industries, and what a vision sensor can do for your next application.

    Omron Electronics
  • Machine vision for use in identifying food defects

    An experimental machine vision system has been created to identify surface defects on apples, including bruises. This White Paper reports the novel design approach taken in which an image capturing system analyzed the images acquired while apples were rotating in front of the camera.

    Agricultural Research Services
  • Specifying industrial fieldbus networks for automation

    Automation designers face many challenges and tradeoffs in the development of a successful network solution. This White Paper discusses the necessary choices in selecting a network technology appropriate for various specific applications.

    Clark Kinnaird, Texas Instruments
  • Electro-hydraulic system design: Making the right system choices

    Designers who understand and can take advantage of the differences between fluid power and traditional electromechanical power can build machines that produce higher quality output with lower lifecycle costs. This White Paper suggests that care must be taken, however, in selecting and sizing the hydraulic system elements and in tuning the motion controller for optimal performance.

    Delta Computer Systems
  • Software-based CNC saves machine builders cost

    In recent years, the world of CNC controls has seen a trend toward more open, PC-based architectures. This White Paper contends that new control concepts in the form of open software CNCs based on standardized, market-ready embedded PC platforms can offer potential savings of more than 30 percent.

    Manufacturing Data Systems
  • Machine vision makes its mark on the automotive industry

    Thanks to advances in microprocessor and computer interface technologies, machine vision has evolved into a highly capable and flexible tool for both mass-production and custom manufacturing of suppliers and OEMs alike.

  • Temperature measurement applications in process plants

    This White Paper covers some of the basics of temperature measurement, and leads into some of the technical advances that impart a higher degree of safety and reliability to process plant operation.

  • Keep motor drives ready for production

    This "special to the web" White Paper serves as a guide to keeping motor drives at the ready, and points out what OEM customers should know about mothballing drives and motors due to production slowdowns.

  • Roadmap for building a machine vision system

    This White Paper presents a roadmap for developing a machine vision system based on many years of practical, hands-on experience. It is written for people who have a basic familiarity with machine vision technology, and who want to gain further insight into developing a machine vision system.

    Automated Vision Systems
  • Designing a machine vision system

    Knowing your goals and understanding your parameters up-front will yield improved vision-system design.

    Data Translation
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