Control Design eNews - Jun 10th, 2024
Plus, safety-circuit upgrades can present design challenges
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June 10, 2024
Philadelphia’s La Salle Academy ignites 7th graders’ interest in STEM with after-school PLC programming course developed with Airline Hydraulics.
As industry introduces more open and flexible safety components, integrating new safety designs becomes easier.
A Control Intelligence podcast with editor-in-chief Mike Bacidore, written by contributing editor Joey Stubbs.
Encoders have a distinct advantage over resolvers in accuracy and speed, but resolvers dominate in harsh environments
The EL4374 EtherCAT terminal introduces an analog I/O module. The EL4374 is a multipurpose, combined input/output for -10/0 to +10 V or -20/0/+4 to +20 mA signals that can be used for standard automation tasks at a rate of 1 ksps per channel. The EL4374 terminal combines two analog inputs and two analog outputs in a 12-mm housing. Engineers can individually...
Industrial networks are the communications backbone of manufacturing. And data has become its lifeblood. Transferring data safely, reliably and securely is the most important job of the industrial network.This new State of Technology Report from the editors of Control Design includes a group of useful articles on how to enhance your network: How IEC...