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Which systems benefit from industrial position sensors

A Control Intelligence podcast with editor-in-chief Mike Bacidore

Happy National Engineers Week! Robotics dominate recent news

A Control Intelligence podcast with editor-in-chief Mike Bacidore

How to bounce back from a microchip crisis

A Control Intelligence podcast with editor-in-chief Mike Bacidore

How industrial enclosures are designed and what they protect

A Control Intelligence podcast with editor-in-chief Mike Bacidore, written by contributing editor Rick Rice

Why maintenance is a service that matters

A Control Intelligence podcast with editor-in-chief Mike Bacidore

Top Stories

Time-Sensitive Networking

The integration of wireless, mobility and edge computing technologies in manufacturing processes

Feb. 28, 2024
Looking to the future, advancements such as Wi-Fi 7 and 5G's low-latency communications are expected to further enhance data transmission speeds and reliability

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Industrial PCs

The industrial PC: from factory-floor hero to dying breed?

How smartphones, cloud computing, and augmented reality are revolutionizing controls engineering
Source: Pepperl+Fuchs
Intrinsic Safety

How intrinsic safety aims to protect low-energy systems or signals from sensors, actuators and associated control signals for use in hazardous locations

Design equipment using entity parameters to guide combinations of intrinsically safe apparatus and associated apparatus to form intrinsically safe circuits
Vision Systems

In-Sight SnAPP streamlines production line quality control

Cognex's expansion into the vision sensing space signifies a step toward more efficient and accessible vision-based automation solutions in industrial machinery design and implementatio...

Machine builders need replacement parts, too

How to overcome the challenges of crossing over automation control parts
Development Platforms

Power drive systems get a boost from digital twins

Siemens' approach to digital twin adoption includes the development of a digital model to test temperature rise for a power drive component
Control Software

Transformative potential of open-source technologies in driving innovation

Open-source software offers security benefits and flexibility in integrating third-party applications for enhanced controller functionality
Time-Sensitive Networking

Edge computing for controls engineers: key takeaways

How the evolving landscape of edge computing can benefit controls engineers

Top feedback applications for sensor data

Robotics, automated processes and safety benefit from industrial position sensors

How to choose machine motor type: upfront cost vs. maintenance vs. efficiency

Brushless dc motors provide the best efficiency but at a cost; brushed dc motors cost less but require more maintenance
Data Acquisition & Monitoring

SCADA-PLC communication drives OPC UA

Wesco’s Chris Wadsworth: Wind tunnels and discrete automotive machine manufacturing lead the innovation-application charge

Untapped synergy between PLCs and SCADA systems?

How programmable logic controllers, distributed control systems, human-machine interfaces and supervisory control and data acquisition systems relate to one another

PLC longevity could benefit from open architectures

How universal automation extends IEC 61131-3 in programmable logic controllers


Circuit Protection

C3controls dc miniature circuit breakers

Feb. 15, 2024
C3controls’ 1110 dc miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) feature a 250 Vdc per-pole rating. With current ratings from 0.5 A to 63 A, the devices provide short circuit and overload...

Programmable Posital encoders support fractional PPR

Feb. 5, 2024
Posital’s IXARC programmable incremental rotary encoders can be configured to deliver fractional pulse rates (fractional PPR). These devices can be programmed to transmit...
Cable & Wire

Binder 670/770 cable connector with protective cap

Feb. 2, 2024
Binder not connected closed (NCC) 670 and 770 cable connectors include protective caps to prevent the ingress of particles and humidity when the interface is disconnected. The...