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Advances in stepper motors to provide precise motion control

A Control Intelligence podcast with editor-in-chief Mike Bacidore, written by contributing editor Joey Stubbs

How system integrators are using digital tools

A Control Intelligence podcast with editor-in-chief Mike Bacidore

What are your sensing options in industrial manufacturing?

A Control Intelligence podcast with editor-in-chief Mike Bacidore, written by contributing editor Charles Palmer

June 2024 industry news: new machines, anniversaries and name changes

A Control Intelligence podcast with managing editor Anna Townshend

The changing role of PLCs in a connected plant

A Control Intelligence podcast with editor-in-chief Mike Bacidore, written by contributing editor Tobey Strauch

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How to lessen backlash in ball screw application or replace with another option

July 15, 2024
A keyless coupling unit in the servo motor, an electric cylinder or preloaded ball screws can help manage the lost motion

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Industrial PCs

Industrial PCs vs. PLCs

Text-based programming languages and 61131 languages each have their own advantages
Data Acquisition & Monitoring

What to consider when making SCADA upgrades

Budget, downtime and risk are important considerations when improving SCADA systems
Vertical Industries

System integrator stresses importance of interoperability

CSIA member cautions ecosystems could create 'walled gardens'

Stepper motors provide precise motion control

Advances in high-torque designs, closed-loop control and material science make steppers more energy efficient and reliable

How has the human-machine interface changed?

11 questions to answer when designing an HMI

3 robot types pave the future of industrial manufacturing

Artificial intelligence gives cognitive robots a legitimate seat at the table with industrial and collaborative

How to reduce backlash errors or compensate for mechanical system inaccuracies

Preloaded ball screws, direct feedback mechanisms or control-based or drive-based lost motion compensation can manage backlash

LiDAR leads list of laser measurement technologies

From satellite laser ranging to Doppler, sensing options abound in industrial manufacturing
Remote Connectivity

Wireless networks offer risks and rewards

As automation introduces more wireless connectivity, don’t overlook possible safety, security or data issues
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Data Acquisition & Monitoring

Enabling practical IIoT data use with open architecture

How Weidmuller’s control system open architecture permit straightforward applications of operations data
Data Acquisition & Monitoring

Unused data can lead to greater optimization

The integration of process data and dark data will unlock new opportunities for optimizing production from the machine level to the enterprise level
Vertical Industries

Industrial automation platforms provide benefits for developers

The transition towards open programming languages is helping designers tailor solutions to specific needs, streamline development processes and leverage broader community knowledge...




June 18, 2024
Aveva InTouch Unlimited HMI/SCADA software is an all-inclusive licensing package available in perpetual and subscription models with unlimited tags, clients and scalability. The...

IDEC combined PLC+HMI

June 14, 2024
The FT2J Series PLC+HMI includes a 7-inch multi-touch display, with an integrated controller and expandable I/O. IDEC‘s SmartAXIS touch family includes the FT2J Series combined...
Industrial PCs

Emerson PACSystems IPC 2010

June 13, 2024
Pre-loaded with Movicon software and PACEdge IIoT platform, the Emerson IPC 2010 is designed to deliver high-performance computing for industrial edge data visualization applications...


Panel Meters

Siemens Unified Basic Panel

Siemens’ Unified Basic Panels include integrated web client. Available from 4 inches to 12 inches, the hardware offers fast visualization. The system limits have been increased...