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ARMI/BioFabUSA and Downeast Cider House address manufacturing scalability

A Control Intelligence podcast with Mike Bacidore, Control Design editor-in-chief

Can digital transformation go hand-in-hand with sustainability?

A Control Intelligence podcast with Scott Summerville, president and CEO of Mitsubishi Electric Automation

Selecting and communicating with uninterruptible power supplies

A Control Intelligence podcast with Kyle McLeod, product marketing manager, UPS, SolaHD, Emerson

The evolution of integrated safety logic

A Control Intelligence podcast with Christopher Woller, safety product manager at Beckhoff Automation

Helping OEMs get what they need

Editor-in-chief Mike Bacidore is joined by Chris Wadsworth, Vice President and General Manager, Global OEM, Wesco

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Data Acquisition & Monitoring

Deep dive into OPC UA with Omron Automation's Jay Hughes

Nov. 29, 2023
From authentication and encryption to real-world applications and future innovations in industrial machinery

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How hardened is industrial Ethernet?

The evolution of IoT has challenged security issues, while keeping mission critical networks mobile and fast

Learning about the programmable logic controller (PLC)

A Control Intelligence podcast with editor-in-chief Mike Bacidore
Vertical Industries

How Downeast Cider House implemented MES to optimize use of its tanks, robot, palletizer, twist-rinse can line, filler and seamer machinery

From managing 76 SKUs to advanced shipping notifications, Plex has helped to heal growing pains at Downeast Cider House
Vertical Industries

From spreadsheets to smart manufacturing with real-time data and seamless integration

Downeast Cider House implements Plex by Rockwell Automation to optimize operations of fermentation tanks, robot, palletizer, twist-rinse can line, filler and seamer machine at...
Data Acquisition & Monitoring

How open platform communications unified architecture enhances security by encrypting the data at its source

Yokogawa’s Karthik Gopalakrishnan explains why factories need OPC UA to achieve interoperability securely
Data Acquisition & Monitoring

Security, interoperability, speed make OPC UA attractive

Emerson’s Steve Ward discusses advancements and innovations that are driving the popularity of open platform communications unified architecture
Data Acquisition & Monitoring

The impact of OPC UA on PLCs and controls engineering

Insights from Softing's Deane Horn on the technological advancements and industry trends tying open platform communications to the edge and cloud
Opc Ua
Time-Sensitive Networking

How OPC UA/DA continues to expand and change industrial networks

Tobey Strauch discusses open platform communications unified architecture/data access
The Electric Vs Pneumatic Debate
Motion Software

The electric vs. pneumatic debate

Engineers are increasingly turning to electric systems in the quest for dependable accuracy
Emergency Stop
Safety Components

What is an emergency stop?

E-stop features, locations and best practices in industrial safety


Cable & Wire

icotek bulkhead

Nov. 14, 2023
The KEL-FW B is designed for cables with plugs up to 35 mm, and rigid cables with larger diameters can also be easily inserted

Binder USA M12 panel-mount part

Nov. 3, 2023
Binder USA’s M12 K- and L-coded panel mount parts meet the UL-2237 standard required for power-supply components in North America. The five-pin (4+PE, 4+FE) male and female panel...
Control Software

Softing smartLink HW-DP

Oct. 26, 2023
The smartLink HW-DP gateway is designed to enable both new and existing Profibus DP networks to connect to Industry 4.0 products via Profibus and via HART over Profibus protocols...