Control Design eNews - Jun 12th, 2024
Plus, Linux Foundation introduces the Margo initiative
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June 12, 2024
The brand formerly known as Automation Group will officially join the E Tech Group brand.
The Margo initiative aligns with ABB’s commitment to open automation systems and emphasizes the necessity of collaborative efforts to drive industrial digitalization forward.
A Control Intelligence podcast with managing editor Anna Townshend.
Just as each application will dictate the VFD needed, fieldbus protocols range from simple to high-performance
ACS Motion Control’s new compact single-axis EtherCAT Mini Drive Module (MDMst) is designed for OEM machine designers. Its small form factor allows OEMs with demanding motion control applications to develop even more compact machines. It is designed to leverage powerful servo control algorithms to maximize motion system performance and to be ...
NSK integrates advanced automation and drive technologies to deliver high capacity, high speed, ultra-precise indexing and positioning in a compact, flexible linear actuator: the AXIS Series.