2015 Readers’ Choice Awards: Top automation providers for control, hardware, motion, networking, safety, sensing and software

This year, we sent questionnaires to 17,974 subscribers for their vote.

Mike Bacidore, editor in chief
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Everyone has a favorite supplier for various components or systems. Those favorites can change over time, too — sometimes due to new features or better service offered by a different supplier. And sometimes the distribution channel itself can be a major factor in where and who to buy. The decision is tricky, but the choice is yours. Each year, Control Design asks its readers which suppliers are their go-to sources for myriad product categories. The answers vary slightly from time to time, but change comes slowly. This marks the 15th year of the Control Design Readers’ Choice Awards. This year, we sent questionnaires to 17,974 subscribers who tell us they have buying…

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The father of the PLC on the difference between the PLC and the PAC

Dick Morley 100x100In this exclusive interview, Dick Morley shares his thoughts on programmable automation controllers. Morley is considered by many to be the father of the programmable logic controller. Watch the interview here

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Are our workstations ready for a virtual interface?

VR has been used in training for years, but can we use it in production?

By Control Design

A Control Design reader writes: A while ago, I saw a demonstration of NASA’s virtual interface environment workstation. At the time, it seemed like futuristic technology, but virtual environments have since surfaced in numerous industrial training applications. Are there any examples of companies…

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  • A current view of The Technology Machine

    By Jeremy Pollard, CET

    Our fearless editor in chief and grill master, Mike Bacidore, interviewed Dick Morley a few months ago and has been posting video clips of that interview on the Control Design website. One of the segments was on the Internet of Things (IoT). In 1997, Morley along with Patricia Moody wrote a book…

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  • InduSoft releases InduSoft Web Studio v8.0

    By Dave Perkon, technical editor

    "Regardless of the device, it must exchange data with other devices through the Internet and through the cloud if necessary," says Fabio Terezinho, director of consulting services, InduSoft at Schneider Electric Software. "IT determines the particular Internet of Things (IoT) approach and decides…

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  • U.S. government resources for cybersecurity

    By Marty Edwards, director, Department of Homeland Security, Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team

    The subject article in your July 2015 issue of Control Design by Dan Herbert (“Tear Down This Wall,” Control Design, July 2015, p20), has given me cause for concern as it ignores fundamental security issues that can be introduced when connecting control system environments to other environments…

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  • Why applications need a full spectrum of color sensors

    By Mike Bacidore, editor in chief

    Sensing color can open up several options for machine builders, but making the choice isn’t a black-and-white decision. This panel of automation suppliers explains the need for speed and the advantages of a microprocessor-equipped sensor, as well as when monochrome sensors or contrast sensors are…

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