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Vertical Industries

How Downeast Cider House implemented MES to optimize use of its tanks, robot, palletizer, twist-rinse can line, filler and seamer machinery

From managing 76 SKUs to advanced shipping notifications, Plex has helped to heal growing pains at Downeast Cider House
Vertical Industries

From spreadsheets to smart manufacturing with real-time data and seamless integration

Downeast Cider House implements Plex by Rockwell Automation to optimize operations of fermentation tanks, robot, palletizer, twist-rinse can line, filler and seamer machine at...
Data Acquisition & Monitoring

How open platform communications unified architecture enhances security by encrypting the data at its source

Yokogawa’s Karthik Gopalakrishnan explains why factories need OPC UA to achieve interoperability securely
Data Acquisition & Monitoring

Security, interoperability, speed make OPC UA attractive

Emerson’s Steve Ward discusses advancements and innovations that are driving the popularity of open platform communications unified architecture
Data Acquisition & Monitoring

The impact of OPC UA on PLCs and controls engineering

Insights from Softing's Deane Horn on the technological advancements and industry trends tying open platform communications to the edge and cloud
Ai Won’t Replace Humans, Just Help Them
Data Acquisition & Monitoring

AI won’t replace humans, just help them

While AI can be of great use to humans, overreliance on it might hinder the development of in-depth knowledge and creative problem-solving skills within the engineering field
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Control Software

Customer-driven Gray Solutions focuses on creative applications to drive production quality and speed

System integrator’s use of technology to aid speed to market has led to innovation in digital twins, artificial intelligence and cobot integration