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Hear ye, Hear ye - Competitions for New Manufacturing Innovation Hubs and Apprenticeship Grants

President Obama announced that several hundred million dollars of funding will be made available for two new Manufacturing Innovation Hub Competitions that are intended to help spur manufacturing innovation and give U.S. workers more opportunities to improve their skills for middle class jobs.

Holiday gift ideas for the robots (and engineers) in your life

From end effectors and software to machine simulation, it's no small wonder what you can find when no one is looking

Autodesk Futurist Peers Into the Technology Crystal Ball

Diving deeper into the conversation started by Autodesk CTO Jeff Kowalski and CEO Carl Bass, among others, Jordan Brandt, Autodesk Technology Futurist discussed trends that industry is likely to see at Autodesk University, held December 1-4 in Las Vegas.

Autodesk University Showcases Methods and Technologies That Will Change Design and Manufacturing Forever

Autodesk University (AU) showcased design methods and technologies that stand to significantly affect how products ranging from consumer objects to components, facilities and even machines are built. 

How the Small Motor Rule and Integral Horsepower Rule will affect OEMs

New Department of Energy regulations could change the motors you can buy and how you design machines to accommodate them

Your children will thank you ... for additive manufacturing

The first part 3D-printed in space marks the beginning of a new manufacturing frontier

OT + IT Needs Smart Technology

An Integrated Architecture booth at the recent Automation Fair showcased several Rockwell products that help companies integrate control (OT) and information (IT) across the enterprise. 

The Factory of the Future: Connecting the Enterprise

Rockwell Auromation believes that industrial and process enterprises can garner a large business value by connecting IT (ERP, CMS, quality, financials, logistics, supply chain management) with OT (sensors, machines, controllers, actuators), which traditionally have remained separate silos of activity. 

The path from data to wisdom

Rockwell Automation CEO explains the Connected Enterprise and how domain expertise and context affect business decisions

Thwarting Cyber Threats

How should companies better protect themselves against cyber threats?