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Innovation and technical expertise surges from SKF

Two new Solution Factory facilities added to the increase in intelligence centers

Helping STEM Students Realize Engineering is Inherently Creative

What do Lord Byron's daughter and a star architect have to do with STEM anyways?

The Annual RoboBoat Competition Continues to Gain Momentum Nationally in STEM Fields

The Annual International RoboBoat Competition has become more nationally known as the STEM workforce get closer and closer to retirement age and industries are looking to fill the gaps before its too late.

Engineers at Stanford Develop Ant-Size Radio to Realize the 'Internet of Things'

The 'Internet of Things' could soon be contained in a radio the size of an ant.

How Dr. Seuss Would Automate Quality Management

How would Dr. Seuss have approached quality management?  Certainly not conventionally. Here’s Brenda Percy's tribute to the prose of Dr. Seuss…with a quality management twist.

Supplier Meets Customer

Potential Customer Meets Potential Supplier...what could possibly go wrong?

AutomationDirect Named STEM Education Awards Finalist

On September 11, 2014, The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) announced AutomationDirect a Finalist in the Corporate Outreach category for the 2014 STEM Education Awards.

Seventh Grader Takes Home the Winning Prize at Science Fair With Minitab

Seventh grader, Jonathan Riska used Statistical Software Minitab to help him analyze energy data for his award winning PJAS science fair project.

Britain's Newest Aircaft Carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth Takes Her First Dip

HMS Queen Elizabeth's 65,000 ton aircraft carrier takes her first dip at the dock she was assembled at in Rosyth, Britain.

3D Printing — Helping Shape the Future of Innovation

MakerBot and Florida Polytechnic team to bring 3D printing technology to STEM students and faculty.