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Your children will thank you ... for additive manufacturing

The first part 3D-printed in space marks the beginning of a new manufacturing frontier

OT + IT Needs Smart Technology

An Integrated Architecture booth at the recent Automation Fair showcased several Rockwell products that help companies integrate control (OT) and information (IT) across the enterprise. 

The Factory of the Future: Connecting the Enterprise

Rockwell Auromation believes that industrial and process enterprises can garner a large business value by connecting IT (ERP, CMS, quality, financials, logistics, supply chain management) with OT (sensors, machines, controllers, actuators), which traditionally have remained separate silos of activity. 

The path from data to wisdom

Rockwell Automation CEO explains the Connected Enterprise and how domain expertise and context affect business decisions

Thwarting Cyber Threats

How should companies better protect themselves against cyber threats? 

Siemens opens Cyber Security Operations Center

Over the years, Siemens  has become one of the major industry players to tackle issues involving cybersecurity. To better focus on this critical problem, on November 10, 2014, the company opened its Cyber Security Operations Center in Milford, Ohio.

Results Are in: 43% Still Don' t Get IoT

Approximately 43% of 175 industrial respondents still do not have a full understanding of IoT capabilities or applications, whereas over 20% had made some form of investment in IoT to date.

Is There A Way to Close the STEM Gender Gap?

Women may fill almost half of the jobs in the U.S., but when it comes to STEM-related occupations, they only fill about 25 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Robotic Arms Make Adaptive Manufacturing That Much Easier

Thanks to high functioning robotic arms, weaving composite parts from long strands of light and strong carbon fibers could make life in the manufacturing industry that much easier.

Leaders and Educators Gather for National Summit to Encourage Students to Pursue STEM

The ongoing issue to be discussed at the summit is the need for more students to pursue STEM careers in order to fill the employment gap that is likely to increase over the next several years.