Machine Builder Forum: Heard On Discrete

How to Design Better-Performing and More Reliable Machines?

Are data acquisition capabilities of PACs and newer PLCs a better path to use when designing better machines than standalone DAQ systems?

Power: Out When You Most Need It

Eaton’s recently released its 2013 Annual Blackout Tracker Report, which shows that power outages are still a major problem for facility managers across the U.S. As it shows, some of causes can be pretty weird.

Wireless Sensors: Is Energy-Harvesting Possible?

A reader sent us the following "Real Answers" question, can you help us answer it?

Apple Steals Competitors' Engineers

New product development for Apple means a high-demand for engineers and managers at the plant level to continuously monitor these developments from its suppliers and manufacturers.

Can Robots Revive a Mid-Century Icon?

Are you old enough to remember the days when pulling into the gas station meant you were met by a friendly guy in a peaked cap who pumped your gas, cleaned your windshield, checked your oil, even put air in your tires if you asked, and wished you a nice...

Hannover Preview Shows Next Steps to Smart Factory

Exhibitors and speakers demonstrate how intelligent, Internet-enabled devices will simplify and integrate future manufacturing during Hannover Fair Preview 2014 in Berlin.

BYOD Concerns for IT Groups

Send us your comments, suggestions of solutions to this problem.

Industrial Networking 2014 Q1 Issue Undergoes Physical Exam

In this issue of Industrial Networking, Executive Editor Jim Montague, talks "Vital Signs" and explores the best ways to take your network's pulse and maintain its overall health.

That First PC

While my grandkids are true "digital natives,"  we "digital immigrants" remember where and when we entered the digital age of personal computing.