Machine Builder Forum: Heard On Discrete

Purchasing an Encoder? Check out

Previously focused on consumer products, the online shopping site also provides fairly highly engineered devices. 

Even Female Engineers Would Wear Hard Hats

Should industry create a different or more modern representation of the profession than that of the "hard-hat engineer"? 

Computer Passes Turing Test — Fools Examiner into Thinking It's Human

Recently, and for the first time, a computer "passed" the 65-year old Turing Test.

The Way We Were: Top 100 Innovative Companies in the World

An infographic from 2011 gives a snapshot of the top 100 innovative companies in the world at that time, and what countries they hail from. Stay tuned for more to come.

Phoenix Contact Went Off the Grid on Earth Day. What?

How did you spend Earth Day? I hope you did something "earthy," or at least earth-friendly. In celebration of Earth Day on April 22, Phoenix Contact's president, Jack Nehlig, ceremonially disconnected from the electric grid.

Multi-Axis Controller Powers Huge Multimedia Clock

A multi-axis motion controller is helping bring a large mechanical piece of art to life.

Aerotech: 99 Problems But Vibration Ain't One

The fellas at Aerotech put together a rap about common motion control issues. So?  Who said motion control professionals weren't exciting?

Engineering Back-to-Basics Help

This article was published in our February 2008 issue of Control Design along with "The Not-So-Odd Couple."

How to Design Better-Performing and More Reliable Machines?

Are data acquisition capabilities of PACs and newer PLCs a better path to use when designing better machines than standalone DAQ systems?

Power: Out When You Most Need It

Eaton’s recently released its 2013 Annual Blackout Tracker Report, which shows that power outages are still a major problem for facility managers across the U.S. As it shows, some of causes can be pretty weird.