STEM to the Core

AME Leads the STEM Charge to Inspire Students to a Career in Manufacturing

Despite the recession, manufacturing industries continue to grow and the demand for highly skilled workers is on the rise. In order to inspire the next generation to meet this demand, AME is reaching out to schools across the U.S. to promote student growth and rewarding careers in manufacturing.

STEM Professionals Can Be Rock Stars Too!

Celebrating STEM and its professionals can show future generations how much fun a carreer in STEM can be. This is just what today's students need to get motivated to join the industry.

Siemens Sponsors Initiative to Introduce Girls to Engineering

Siemens hopes to infuse more women into the engineering workforce.  And they have a great idea of how to do it.

Can STEM Education Be Influential in K-12 Classrooms?

The latest report from the National Academy of Engineering and National Research Council shows that integrating (STEM) disciplines in K-12 education leads to greater student retention and achievement, improved college-readiness skills and increased interest in pursuing a STEM-related career.

How Demographics Affect Careers in STEM

How does your gender, marital status and family affect a career in science, technology, engineering and math?

Time to Play at STEM Marbles Museum

If your child loves to learn, has the tenacity to be a leader and the kind of passion that inspires other students to get involved in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), than check out the STEM Play Corps at Marbles Kids Museum.

How to Double Your Engineering Grads

University of Utah Doubles Engineering Grads in Support of High-Tech Job Growth

Automobiles of Tomorrow: Let the Judging Begin!

Valeo Innovation Challenge experts and independent scientists have begun reviewing the projects of 1,412 students from around the world.

7th Grader Builds Braille Printer Prototype With Legos

Twelve-year old Shubham Banerjee of Santa Clara, Calif., built a prototype printer using Lego's line of EV3 Mindstorms robots to help people in developing nations have easier access to a printer.

MakerBot Calling All Talented Interns

The 2014 MakerBot Summer Internship Program invites college and grad-level engineering, manufacturing, production, customer support, sales, marketing, public relations, software and business development students to explore the desktop 3D printing industry.