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Controls engineers need a variety of information on topics such as programmable logic controllers, programmable automation controllers, PC-based control, embedded controls, computer numeric control, control software, network strategies, relays and switches.

Programmable logic controllers have been the staple of machine automation for decades and provide the majority machine logic solutions currently in operation.

PC-based controls offer the advantages of inherent data communication based on today’s Internet-centric TCP/IP protocols, with the ability to perform critical tasks in conjunction with an accompanying real-time operating systems, RTOS, kernel or a plug-in motion controller card.

Newer programmable automation controllers try to offer the best features of both control platforms.

Embedded controls can take the form of single-board computers with some application-specific capabilities or as the emerging field programmable gate array, FPGA, hardware that offers flexible customization and versatility.

Timely news, back-to-basics primers, feature articles, technical white papers and descriptions of the latest products all provide valuable insights that can be used in designing and building machine controls.


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White Papers: In Depth Research

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