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White Papers: In Depth Research

  • Industrial PC's and Embedded Computing Fundamentals

    Author: ControlDesign.com

    George Dickinson, a research analyst for IHS Technology and a subject matter expert on industrial PC's and embedded computing, will walk you through IPC technology trends and market updates in this next segment of our Fundamentals Series on-demand presenta

  • Learn the Benefits and Pitfalls of HMI Backlighting

    Author: EZ Automation

    This white paper discusses the evolution of HMIs, and in particular, the backlights behind HMIs used in many of today's industries.

  • How to Choose an X86-Based Embedded Computer

    Author: Moxa

    The following white paper provides simple guidelines for the selection process that will reduce time and bypass potential problems.

  • Taking the Guesswork Out of Pneumatic Control

    Author: Clippard

    Here's a step-by-step approach to efficiently designing systems that work right the first time. Designers have several options when constructing pneumatic-control systems. But modular air-logic systems are often a good bet when a compact, economical unit i