Machine Safety Resource Center

Controls engineers need a variety of information on machine-safety topics.

Machine safety has become an even more important machine design concern as it must provide responsible protection for operators and technicians in a manner that keeps the machines running to the fullest degree possible with intelligent use of light curtains, interlock switches, safety relays, safety modules, programmable safety controllers, and other essential machine safety devices to monitor, prevent, and react to machine upsets.

Timely news, back-to-basics primers, feature articles, technical white papers and descriptions of the latest products all provide valuable insights that can be used in designing and building machine controls.


White Papers: In Depth Research

  • The Invisible Foe — Understanding and Controlling ESD Damage

    Author: VersaLogic Corporation

    According to industry experts, high-tech OEMs lose at least 4% to 6% of annual gross sales due to ESD every year. Download this white paper and learn how you can help your organization identify potential sources of ESD loss, establish effective ESD control

  • Measuring Current and Making Power Measurements

    Author: Moxa

    See how to use current measurements as part of a power quality analysis or power monitoring system in this white paper.

  • Tech Tips for an Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

    Author: Mersen

    This white paper takes us through the hazard analysis process.

  • Essential Aspects of Machine Safety

    Author: Control Design

    In this latest installment of Control Design's Essentials series, our editors examine key regulatory and technical issues involved in ensuring safe machine operation