Operator Interface Resource Center

Controls engineers need a variety of information on topics such as display terminals, HMI software, industrial PCs, alarm & annunciation, data acquisition and touchscreens.

Display terminals provide varying levels of operator interface from simple panel meters and text messages to graphical representations of entire processes by use of various types of HMI software.

Industrial PCs are ruggedized versions of PC technology that are suitable for industrial environments, largely by eliminating moving parts and providing more-protective enclosures.

Touchscreens are an alternative to keyboard or pointing device data entry, working well with graphical operator interface software, and providing prompt response to machine alarms.

Timely news, back-to-basics primers, feature articles, technical white papers and descriptions of the latest products all provide valuable insights that can be used in designing and building machine controls.


White Papers: In Depth Research

  • HMI Mobility

    Author: Indusoft

    This white paper details how modern SCADA systems are providing this access in a variety of ways to all manner of fixed and portable computing platforms and other devices.

  • Measuring Current and Making Power Measurements

    Author: Moxa

    See how to use current measurements as part of a power quality analysis or power monitoring system in this white paper.

  • An All-in-One Control Solution for Your Automation Needs

    Author: Unitronics

    Learn how Unitronics made automation simple, efficient and cost-effective for its customers.

  • The Convergence eBook: The Future of Industrial Automation

    Author: B&R Automation

    What is happening to the generation that grew up in North America with purpose-built PLCs, ladder logic, vendor-driven device buses and limited human-machine interface graphics?