Operator Interface Resource Center

Controls engineers need a variety of information on topics such as display terminals, HMI software, industrial PCs, alarm & annunciation, data acquisition and touchscreens.

Display terminals provide varying levels of operator interface from simple panel meters and text messages to graphical representations of entire processes by use of various types of HMI software.

Industrial PCs are ruggedized versions of PC technology that are suitable for industrial environments, largely by eliminating moving parts and providing more-protective enclosures.

Touchscreens are an alternative to keyboard or pointing device data entry, working well with graphical operator interface software, and providing prompt response to machine alarms.

Timely news, back-to-basics primers, feature articles, technical white papers and descriptions of the latest products all provide valuable insights that can be used in designing and building machine controls.


  • Give Your HMI an Ergonomic Tune-Up

    Ergonomic Tune-Ups Make Sure Operators Are Safely Paying Attention to the Increased Amount of Operating Data Without Being too Comfortable to Be Attentive

  • Panel Meters Take on PLC Chores

    Panel Meters Incorporate Capabilities to Improve Process Visibility and Keep up With Transmitter Enhancements

  • Interface Interference in the Machine Operating World

    The Responsibility of Control Can be so Easily Given to Those Who Have Trouble Remembering What They Had for Breakfast. These New Phones and Tablets Give us the Interface We Need for Remote Access and Mobility With the Interface of Web-Based Commonality. Really?

  • Think Like an Industrial Operator

    Contrary to the Wonderful, Imaginative, Animated, 3D Color Graphics Available to Designers Today, a Rockwell Commercial Manager Makes it Clear That They Have No Place in a Best Practices List For Industrial Operator Displays

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