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White Papers: In Depth Research

  • Smarter SCADA Alarming

    Author: Inductive Automation

    This white paper discusses how you can turn these types of situations around and get alarms under control again.

  • Key Components Enhance the Human Machine Interface

    Author: Joseph Torzillo, VP Sales, HMI Components and Lance A. Scott, President, EAO Switch Corporation

    Electromechanical devices, including switches, keypads, keyboards, pointing devices and other elements such as indicators and alarms, are critical aspects of the human machine interface (HMI) for controlling equipment and systems. HMI Component technology

  • Overcome IP Address Issues With GPRS Remote Monitoring and Alarm Systems

    Author: Moxa

    GPRS is a communication technology that allows data acquisition systems to overcome the difficulty of cabling for wide area remote sites. GPRS applications are becoming more and more prevalent due to the ease with which they can be implemented, but the dyn

  • The Real Cause of Alarm Problems

    Author: TiPS Incorporated

    This technical paper notes the many factors that impact the performance of an alarm system and where alarm management fits in.