Sensing & Measurement Resource Center

Controls engineers need a variety of information on topics such as presence sensing, process variables, transmitters, transducers, encoders and RFID. Timely news, back-to-basics primers, feature articles, technical white papers and descriptions of the latest products all provide valuable insights that can be used in designing and building machine controls.


White Papers: In Depth Research

  • Design with Touchless Rotary Sensors

    Author: Novotechnik

    This white paper describes how rotary motion applications can benefit from new technology that provides engineers with more design flexibility.

  • Essentials of Electronic Weighing


    This installment in Control Design's popular Essentials series will help you grasp the key considerations when selecting and implementing an electronic weighing subsystem.

  • Measuring Current and Making Power Measurements

    Author: Moxa

    See how to use current measurements as part of a power quality analysis or power monitoring system in this white paper.

  • ImagingLab Robotics Library for DENSO Reference Guide

    Author: National Instruments

    With the ImagingLab Robotics Library for DENSO, you can make your robotics system smarter without the need for complex robotics programming expertise.