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Controls engineers need a variety of information on topics such as presence sensing, process variables, transmitters, transducers, encoders and RFID. Timely news, back-to-basics primers, feature articles, technical white papers and descriptions of the latest products all provide valuable insights that can be used in designing and building machine controls.


  • Servos Are Fun to Say and Are Useful For Most Automation Applications

    Using Servos Enabled Maplan to Adapt its Pump Activity and Motor Speed to How Much Power was Actually Required to Perform its Rubber Injection Molding and Save that 70% on its Drive-Side Power, Change Oil Less Often, Reduce Water Consumption and Cut its Overall Energy Costs in Half

  • Happier Together: Process Meets Discrete Networking

    Process and Discrete Applications and Their Traditionally Distinct Networks Come Together With the Help of Distributed Intelligence, Ethernet and Related Tools

  • Any Termination Data on Field Connectors?

    We Have Customers With Varying Preferences for the Method of Terminating Field Connections Outside the Panel. We Even Have Our Own Internal Disagreements. We Wanted to Simplify. See What Vendors Said:

  • Presence Sensors Travel into New Automation Applications

    Even though new markets and applications are emerging, Will Healy, strategic marketing manager at Balluff, reports that new and existing users still share something in common—they all want lower-cost sensors with more features in smaller sizes.

White Papers: In Depth Research

  • 25 Years of Industrial Networking

    Author: Hilscher

    In this special report celebrating Control magazine's 25 years covering the process automation industry, the editors look back at the exciting developments in industrial networking at that time. Included are news stories on the MAP/TOP standard for communi

  • Design with Touchless Rotary Sensors

    Author: Novotechnik

    This white paper describes how rotary motion applications can benefit from new technology that provides engineers with more design flexibility.

  • Essentials of Electronic Weighing


    This installment in Control Design's popular Essentials series will help you grasp the key considerations when selecting and implementing an electronic weighing subsystem.

  • Measuring Current and Making Power Measurements

    Author: Moxa

    See how to use current measurements as part of a power quality analysis or power monitoring system in this white paper.