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Control Design covers the implementation of automation components and systems in equipment built for manufacturing and industrial processing. Machine builders and system integrators use industrial controls and associated instrumentation and infrastructure to automate the manipulation of physical objects into higher-value assemblies and configurations as well as the processing of raw materials into substances of greater value.

Because automation technologies are often built into finished machines that are purchased and put to use by end users, industrial machine builders (or original equipment manufacturers, OEMs) play an essential role in machine-automation decisions by designing the next generation of machines and systems that deliver new levels of lifecycle performance. They don't use a lot of automation systems and components, but they buy lots of them. Finally, engineering and integration firms are often called upon to execute the design, engineering and integration of manufacturing lines. These professional-services firms are also important influencers in machine-automation decisions.

Control Design's mission for more than 20 years has been to serve the information needs of technical, operational and managerial professionals whose job it is to optimize—through instrumentation, control and automation technology—the performance of machines used in industrial-manufacturing applications.        

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More than 40,000 subscribers receive the print edition of Control Design magazine for new ideas on how to improve the performance of their manufacturing processes through the application of automation and control technology. 

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Control Intelligence: A Control Design Podcast goes deep inside the automation and technology that machine builders, system integrators and end users rely on to keep production humming efficiently. Listen to Control Intelligence on Control Design's website or on your favorite podcasting app. Listen now. 

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