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What you need to know about motor selection

Answer some questions about the application before specifying a motor

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When it comes to motors in your automation, what do you specify? For a custom machine builder or OEM, it is usually a good practice to consider the cost; however, the application, operation and environment are the big players in motor selection. It's not just about voltage, torque and rpm. The application places specific requirements on motor performance beyond these basic specifications.So, what type of motor is appropriate for an application? The first thought may be to contact a local electrical distributor or automation vendor. While these distributors, vendors and industrial manufacturers are happy to help with knowledgeable sales personnel and detailed websites,…

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How does I/O termination affect protocol choice?

Can I move from field-device wire to enclosure terminal strip?

By Mike Bacidore, chief editor

A Control Design reader writes: We manufacture OEM and custom machines—discrete manufacturing—and are looking for ways to reduce integration time and overall cost. Specifically, we're looking at I/O termination methods. We want to move away from wire or cable from the field device to the…

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  • How special is a controls engineer?

    By Dave Perkon, technical editor

    Seasoned senior controls engineers are of great value to just about any machine builder, system integrator, engineering firm or manufacturing facility, and they are harder and harder to come by lately.Many of these facilities would be happy to hire controls personnel with even basic troubleshooting…

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  • Software enables adaptability and flexibility in automation

    By Jeremy Pollard, CET

    Automation software comes in different clothing and performs different tasks. It could be a programming integrated development environment (IDE) such as RSLogix5000 or CodeSys 3.x, or a SCADA application created in Inductive Automation’s Ignition. It all comes in different flavors and…

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  • How to work with China

    By Dave Perkon, technical editor

    U.S. manufacturers, designers and OEMs should add some well-thought-out flow controls, gate valves and off switches when transferring information from the United States to China for manufacturing purposes, at least until our government figures out a way to add more fairness to the relationship.My…

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  • How to document a PLC program

    By Dave Perkon, technical editor

    So, you have a PLC, and you need to program it to run an automated machine. If you want to be a programming hack, just sit down and start writing the ladder logic and debug it. While you may understand your methods, others won’t, at least not quickly. So, if you want to do it like the big…

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  • Elbow to elbow, into the cobot future

    By Rick Rice, contributing editor

    I recently had an opportunity to attend ProFood Tech, Automate and ProMat trade shows at McCormick Place in Chicago with a colleague.While we have attended these events in previous years, this year brought us to Chicago with a specific mission. Like many manufacturing entities, we find ourselves…

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