Modbus Organization and IDA Join Forces

New Organization To Be Headquartered in U.S.


After a year of courtship, the Modbus Organization and IDA Group have joined forces, forming Modbus-IDA (

The Modbus protocol is the most common Ethernet protocol in automation, used in field devices for a wide variety of control and automation applications. IDA, formed in Germany, has engaged in developing a multivendor standard for distributed intelligence using Ethernet TCP/IP as the universal communications standard. Modbus-IDA will continue both organizations' work using Internet technologies to integrate communications services, web functions, interoperability, and safety.

"The combining of the organizations opens up a variety of important opportunities that capitalize on the ubiquitous Modbus protocol and further expand the power of integrated, compatible communications for industrial control," said Ken Crater, president of Modbus Organization.

The merger may give Modbus-IDA a strong position in the international market. "The bundling of the two organizations' technical and marketing resources will further the mission more effectively and efficiently," said Martin Jetter, president of IDA. "With a vision that includes a seamless interconnection from the simplest field applications to highly complex automation architectures, Modbus-IDA will be attractive for users and suppliers of Ethernet-based automation solutions."

Modbus-IDA will be headquartered in the U.S. Two members of IDA will be nominated for seats on the Modbus-IDA Board of Directors. Jetter and Crater said IDA's technical working groups will continue their activities under the leadership of Modbus-IDA and the new entity will continue IDA's cooperative relationships with IAONA, ODVA, and PNO.

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