Books for success in the automation, instrumentation and controls industry

Covering the world of automation, instrumentation and control, these industry books available from ISA are authoritative, thorough, and written and reviewed by experts. See the extensive array of books selected by our Editors and available through that are designed to help students, professionals and practitioners succeed with today's automation challenges.

Advanced Control Unleashed: Plant Performance Management for Optimum Benefit
Proven control methods for engineers working in the advanced control industry are presented by four seasoned practitioners who bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Advanced pH Measurement and Control, 3rd Edition
This comprehensive treatment of applied instrumentation and control covers all the bases and is presented to more fully educate the industry in basic theories and technologies.

Advanced Temperature Control

Analytical Instrumentation

Applying S88: Batch Control from a User's Perspective

Automation Network Selection
With many projects requiring more than one network application, finding the network that best fits your needs is no easy task. This perspective will help get you started on the right path.

Automation Systems for Control and Data Acquisition

Automation Unplugged: Pinto's Perspectives, Pointers, & Prognostications

Automation, Systems, and Instrumentation Dictionary

Basic and Advanced Regulatory Control: System Design and Application, 2nd Edition

Basic Math for Process Control

Batch Control

Boiler Control Systems Engineering

Bottom-Line Automation

Bungee Jumping & Cocoons: The Dual Nature of the Industrial Marketplace

Calibration: A Technician's Guide

Cascading Logic: A Machine Control Methodology for Programmable Logic Controllers

CCST Study Guide Level I

CCST Study Guide Level II

CCST Study Guide Level III

Certified Automation Professional (CAP) Study Guide

Certified Industrial Maintenance Mechanic (CIMM) Study Guide

Condensed Handbook of Measurement and Control, 2nd Edition

Control of Boilers, 2nd Edition

Control System Documentation: Applying Symbols and Identification, 2nd Edition

Control System Safety Evaluation and Reliability, 2nd Edition

Control Systems Engineering Study Guide 4th Edition

Control Valve Primer, 3rd Edition

Control Valves

Dispersing Heat Through Conviction: The Funnier Side of Process Control

e-Business in Manufacturing: Putting the Internet to Work in the Industrial Enterprise

Electrical Instruments in Hazardous Locations, 4th Edition

Fiber Optic Sensors 3rd Edition

Fieldbuses for Process Control: Engineering, Operation, and Maintenance

Flow Measurement 2nd Edition

Flow of Industrial Fluids - Theory and Equations

Foundation Fieldbus: A Pocket Guide

Fundamentals of Industrial Control, 2nd Edition

Fundamentals of Process Control Theory, 3rd Edition

Fundamentals of Process Instrumentation

Good Tuning: A Pocket Guide

How to Become an Instrument Engineer, Part 1.523

How to Become an Instrument Engineer: The Making of a Prima Donna

Industrial Data Communications 3rd Edition

Industrial Ethernet, 2nd Edition

Industrial Flow Measurement, 3rd Edition

Industrial Network Security
This "special to the web" book, available from, provides an introduction to the field of industrial network security and a tutorial on the basics of IT cybersecurity, physical security and personnel security.

Industrial Pressure, Level, and Density Measurement

Instrument Engineers&rsquo Handbook, 3rd Edition - Process Software and Digital Networks,
Vol. 3

Instrument Engineers' Handbook, 3rd Edition - Process Control, Vol. 2

Instrument Engineers' Handbook, 4th Edition - Process Measurement and Analysis, Vol. 1

Instrumentation and Control Systems Documentation

Instrumentation for Process Measurement and Control, 3rd edition

ISA Certified Automation Professional Job Analysis Study

ISA Handbook of Measurement Equations and Tables

Logical Thoughts at 4:00 A.M.

Loop Checking: A Technician's Guide

Maintenance of Instruments & Systems, 2nd Edition

Measurement and Control Basics 3rd Edition

Measurement Uncertainty, 3rd Edition

Mechatronics Handbook - Fusion of Mechanics, Electronics, and Information Technology

Models Unleashed: Virtual Plant and Model Predictive Control Applications

Motors & Drives: A Practical Technology Guide

Motors & Drives: A Practical Technology Guide-Instructional Supplement

Out of the Barn
This easy-to-read compilation of a series of articles, authored by PLC inventor Dick Morley, covers eight entertaining topical sections, including floor level control systems and the history of the programmable controller.

PID Controllers: Theory, Design, and Tuning, 2nd Edition

Practical Project Management - Learning to Manage the Professional

Practical Thermocouple Thermometry

Preventive Maintenance, 3rd Edition

Process Control: A Primer for the Non-specialist and the Newcomer, 2nd Edition

PROFIBUS: A Pocket Guide

Programmable Controllers, 4th Edition

Safety Instrumented Systems Verification – Practical Probabilistic Calculations

Safety Integrity Level Selection -- Systematic Methods Including Layer of Protection

Safety Shutdown Systems: Design, Analysis, and Justification

SCADA: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, 3rd Edition
This newly revised "special to the web" reference book available from the ISA offers overviews of SCADA's component technologies, as well as details necessary to understand the big picture.

Sell More Through Effective Technical Presentations: A Pocket Guide

Sensor Performance and Reliability

Smart Sensors

Software for Automation: Architecture, Integration, and Security

Start-Up: A Technician's Guide

Successful Instrumentation and Control Systems Design with CD

Troubleshooting: A Technician's Guide

Tuning of Industrial Control Systems 2nd Edition

Understanding Distributed Processor Systems for Control

Variable Speed Drives: Principles and Applications for Energy Cost Savings, 3rd Edition

Wireless Networks for Industrial Automation