Leery of Linux

Would you use Linux for your machine control OS? Read what responders wrote in the Control Design Web Poll.

Would you use Linux for your machine control OS?

-- 42% of respondants said they would try it if it was well-supported by automation software suppliers.
-- 28% of respondants said no, they would not use Linux.|
-- 14% of respondants said they would use Linux only for non-real-time applications.
-- 8% of respondants said they already use Linux for real-time control.
-- 4% of respondants said the giant automation suppliers are conspiring to keep it under their hats.
-- 3% of respondants said they already use Linux for their machine control OS, but they don&rsquot like being stared at, so they're not telling anyone.

Readers&rsquo Comments:

-- &ldquoWhy would you when there&rsquos so much development springing off Windows products. Like IBM, nobody ever gets fired for using Microsoft products. You propeller heads can keep it.&rdquo

-- &ldquoLinux? Get a life. Causing us to make our control system compatible with it because some anti-Microsoft junkie has to be different and make the world more difficult.&rdquo

-- &ldquoWhy are we stuck with Windows? I have nothing but trouble with it.&rdquo

-- &ldquoI&rsquod try it, but ‘well-supported&rsquo does not mean I want to pay [high] prices. Linux would still need to remain the open and low-cost solution it is today, otherwise it&rsquos not an alternative, it&rsquos just another also-ran.&rdquo

-- &ldquoI would rather have Linux than Microsoft Windows as my control OS.&rdquo

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-- Easier reconfiguration
-- Faster commissioning
-- Network connectivity
-- Improved diagnostics and troubleshooting
-- Simpler operator interface
-- Guaranteed performance

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