ElectronicaUSA and Embedded Systems Conference Join Forces for Design Show

Touted as North America's Largest, Comprehensive Show Starts March 29 at San Francisco's Moscone Center


Touted as the largest systems design event in North America, and featuring a comprehensive systems design educational forum, the trade show now known as electronicaUSA With the Embedded Systems Conference takes over the Moscone Center in San Francisco, March 29-April 1.


Much of the show is heavily centered on chip and board-level technologies that machine builders rarely deal with directly, but these technologies ultimately show up in the components and systems that industrial OEMs buy for machine control and communication systems. In fact, many of the automation suppliers to the machine builder market are exhibiting at the show. The exhibition includes suppliers and distributors of hardware, EDA, embedded systems and software, and the full spectrum of system components.

The exhibit floor is organized into 16 industry sectors, including semiconductors, interconnections & enclosures, passive components, power devices, embedded systems & software, test & measurement, displays, EDA, PCBs & other circuit carriers, communications, EMS, sensors and RF/microwave.

The floor is open Tuesday, March 30, from 11am--6pm, Wednesday from 10am--6pm, and Thursday from 10am--4pm

The Embedded Systems Conference

A training program is for design engineers, embedded software engineers and technical managers tasked with developing embedded and real-time systems in a broad range of market sectors, including communications, consumer, industrial, military/aerospace, automotive, medical and computer peripherals. This year's conference includes 132 classes, including 63 new and 58 updated classes focused on the latest trends, tools, and design methodologies; 75 industry experts who will focus on how to apply new technology to solve problems; and numerous networking opportunities.

Speaking Out

"In the not-too-distant future, the majority of electronic devices will be connected via the Internet or wireless protocols," says Jerry Fiddler, founder and board member of operating system developer Wind River. Fiddler will offer a glimpse to his vision of the future on Wednesday at 10am. He will discuss how this world system will evolve through the convergence of multiple technologies resulting in one, giant interoperable system.

The Power Electronics Conference Keynote speaker is Alexander Lidow, CEO of International Rectifier, a supplier of power semiconductors and systems. On Wednesday at 3:45pm, he'll discuss a "Systems Approach to Solving Challenges in Power Management: From AC Mains to Points of Load." Lidow believes the never-ending demand for higher-performance digital devices at lower cost is forcing end equipment and silicon designers alike to develop innovative new architectures and technologies. This presentation will address specific needs for low voltage, high current DC/DC systems, a path to further integration for both DC/DC and AC/DC, and a scalable architecture that yields shorter design cycles, lowers system cost, and improves densities.

The show is supported by the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA, the Electronics Representatives Assn. (ERA), the Fabless Semiconductor Assn. (FSA), the National Electronics Distributors Assn. (NEDA), the VSI Alliance (VSIA), and the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Assn. (ZVEI).

More information about the event can be found at http://www.esconline.com

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