HMI Approaches Commodity Status (Part 3)

Final installment of our spotlight on HMI hardware and software

This is the third and final installment of our roundup covering HMIs


          HMI Has Big Monitor

Ann Arbor Technologies

The webLink21F includes a 1.7 GHz Pentium 4 processor industrial computer, large UXGA 21-in. display, analog-resistive touchscreen, and a NEMA 4 rated aluminum front bezel. The display is also available as the webLink21M industrial touchscreen monitor. The screen offers a clear TFT display, 1600x1200 resolution, and brightness of 250 nits. The system includes 100/10BaseT Ethernet port, CD-ROM, four USB ports, and six open PCI slots. Ann Arbor Technologies; 734-995-1360;


Compact and Durable

Opto 22

The OptoTerminal-G75 is a graphics-based operator interface for use with the company's Ethernet-based I/O systems and includes a 13x10.25-in. mountable color display terminal holding a 10.4-in. 640x480 pixel color touchscreen, a standard Ethernet port, and soft keys. The terminal can monitor, send commands to, and receive real-time data from plant floor equipment and other devices and systems connected to Opto 22 hardware for automation, data acquisition, remote monitoring, and control functions. Opto 22; 800/321-OPTO;

Play the Field

Christensen Display

Near Field Imaging (NFI) touchscreen technology components are now integrated into most of the display product family. This includes all bezel configurations and recently released Class I, Div. 2-rated products. It offers enhanced durability beyond that of traditional capacitive touchscreens and also can be used with most any stylus or gloved hand. Available in both clear and antiglare finish, the touchscreen monitors are mechanically identical to the standard and resistive touchscreen-based products. Christensen Display Products; 425/222-3800;

SSI With an LED


The Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI) LED display with six 15-mm digits and adjustable brightness control can be used with either an AC or DC power supply and is suitable for all SSI formats up to 25 bits. The display can also be used for SSI clock frequencies from 100 Hz to 1 MHz. These are available either with an analog (4-20 mA, 0-10 V, ±10 - ±10 V) or with two programmable transistor outputs (PNP or NPN). Both the display and the outputs can be adjusted using scaling and offset features. Turck; 800/544-7769;


HMI Works Over the Web

Control Technology

The iPanel web-enabled touchscreen comes with HMI software, allowing the system to graphically display data over corporate Ethernet, Internet, or wireless networks. HMI files can be displayed, edited, and updated over the Internet, while security enables users to configure reads and writes based on up to 1,000 user levels. The touchscreen HMIs are available in five different models that have various dimensions, resolutions, and prices. Each includes USB, serial, VGA, parallel, and Ethernet connectivity. Control Technology; 508/497-0335;

Modular Indicating Light


The LU7 modular stack light provides multiple stacking options for machine design. The modular design requires no tools for assembly, and the tower can be removed from its base, stored for shipping, then re-installed at the customer, without tools. IP-65 rated, and UL and CE approved, the tower is wired with a unique spring-loaded terminal block, and is available in 24 V and Free Voltage (90-250 VAC). Patlite USA; 888/214-2580;

Big Monitor Fits in 19 in. Rack


The Curaq 21.3-in. LCD fits an industrial 19-in. rack. It can also be mounted in a panel or on a swivel arm. It has mounting plates that allow displays to be mounted in landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) positions in both racks and panels. PivotPro software rotates screen content to the appropriate direction. The display has 1600x1200 resolution, 500:1 contrast ratio, and 250 nits brightness. CyberResearch; 800/341-2525;

1/4 VGA Displays


These 1/4 VGA displays include the LM4055 and 4755 with a white or red backlight; LM6055 and 6755 with a CFL backlight; and the LM 4755 and 6755 with an SED 1335 LCD controller for interfacing directly with a microprocessor. All are available in STN and FSTN modes, measure 165x109 mm, and have a viewing area of 122x92 mm. Options include negative voltage, temperature compensation, and touchscreen. Densitron; 562/941-5000;

Ultra Slim


The SlimKey industrial keyboard is an ultra-thin, compact unit, 0.8 in. high, with an integrated three-button, HulaPoint pointing device that eliminates the need for an external mouse. The SlimKey is housed in a robust ABS polycarbonate case, has red LED backlighting for low-light situations, and meets NEMA 4X specifications, making it dustproof, waterproof, and resistant to corrosive liquids. Ikey; 800/866-6506;